Dedicated Development Team

Creating a local dedicated development team for software projects is quite costly. If employing an in-house dedicated development team model is difficult to do, outsourcing is surely the best option.

The hiring of the outsourced dedicated development team is the latest craze in today’s global trend. It entails recruiting a creative team with distinct perspectives for app development and web creation in the market.

A mini-company requires a customized software system for efficient operations of its logistics and inventory tracking technology. For mid-sized or big businesses, they have tremendously grown over the years. Currently, they seek upgrades with the innovative dedicated development team and custom software development, distinct to their overall operations – human resources, project management, customer service, and a lot more.

Hiring dedicated developers

But here is the real problem. In most instances, budget constraints are always an issue for building a team of the permanent full-time dedicated development team.

In some cases, the local IT department has hundreds of to-do lists or simply they are always overloaded with competing tasks. So it is next to impossible to establish a local dedicated development team model with the necessary expertise to get the job done.

Outsourcing is the best decision

As the best remedy, outsourcing the software development to a team of dedicated developers who will focus to achieve your company’s goals and put their efforts in detail.

They have the expertise in drafting a clear and detailed proposal, and getting the things done quickly. All software projects require proper planning and strategy, but it is easier said than done.

Cost efficiency: Local software development vs. outsourcing

Most enterprises are wasting their resources thinking they can easily find a dedicated software development team within the country.

They have this notion that by hiring local hires they can have full control and no communication issues with the team that they employ. As observed, there is a short supply of dedicated software development team in the local market, and the specific team with the right expertise may be difficult to recruit.

Shortage of skilled dedicated development team

As cited by the ESG industry survey, 53% of companies are facing a shortage of expert personnel in the field of cybersecurity, where 38% of them based on the report lack background on IT architecture/planning skills.

These are established firms with the capacity to spare budget for recruiting and retaining a pool of talents with the best benefits packages for the right team.

Going offshore is the way to go

When experiencing scarcity of local talents and recruiting costs are becoming steep for the right people, the best route to take for SMEs is to be innovative in doing things and seek for software outsourcing elsewhere where there are much global software development firms willing to provide a dedicated development team for your software projects.

In the previous year, small enterprises spent 7.8% of their IT budgets on average on outsourcing offshore IT services while 37% of firms are taking an aggressive move to increase their spending for 2019, based on a study of Computer Economics.

Higher return of investment

Increased spending is brought by the potential of higher ROI by outsourcing software business systems. In a similar report, outsourcing the IT functions below offshore provides the best potential for reducing expenses:

  • App development
  • Continued automation of help/service desk support
  • Capacity to recover during disasters
  • Manage data center operations
  • Monitoring cloud infrastructure and support services
  • Innovative PM and communication tools enable firms to achieve the same control and communication levels with the collaboration of the offshore team and local hires.

Ultimate advantages of IT outsourcing IT to a dedicated development team

The words ‘dedicated development’ focuses on a dedicated development team model. With this model, this means that whatever software you need, you can hire a team of dedicated developers who are willing to work on your project. Each personnel with distinct areas of expertise to accomplish the tasks at hand.

In the overall process, you have a project manager to provide oversight of the software development lifecycle process, monitor progress, and keep everyone updated on what is going on in the loop. Based on your needs, you may opt to employ an extended IT team model (ETM). With this, an offshore team collaborates with the in-house employees and works as one unit.

Below are some benefits of outsourcing a dedicated development team for your software products.

  • Hiring a software dedicated development team or several teams permanently will be expensive. As observed, it is not just the pay scheme. This involves the recruitment, the interview methodologies, the job offers, and the onboarding, including the benefits packages. All these expenses are of least concern when working with an outsourced software firm that can provide your software project needs.
  • You can be flexible within your respective timelines when employing a dedicated development team either on a full- or part-time basis. Big software development enterprises provide their client's such options.
  • Choose the specific skills that you need. Specialized expertise is not frequently found locally, especially for small and mid-sized businesses. Outsourcing provides these skills as needed.
  • One advantage of offshoring is that you can have access to 24/7 operational activity. You can operate your business from 8 am to 5 pm within your time zone. Offshore dedicated development in a different country and time zone works while you are sleeping. They can send you updates and requests for approval the next day, enabling you to have them after waking up the next day.
  • Outsourcing dedicated development teams provide fresh insights to you and your own in-house IT department.
  • Outsourcing software development tasks helps to free up the company and the IT department to focus on more significant business goals and critical tasks of your enterprise operations. Most businesses that rely on outsourcing have optimized in initiating discussions, conducting pilot projects or implemented several disruptive solutions.
  • Overall, outsourcing is vital in minimizing time-to-market or reduces time in implementing innovative in-house software needs. You do not have to depend on the local team’s capability while completing other projects or similar tasks simultaneously.

Hiring a dedicated development team

Selecting the right dedicated development team for your software projects is a process. This is critical as it plays an integral role in the timely and successful completion of a software product. Any misjudgment on your selection can bring a disaster on your overall budget and production timeline. Below are the essential steps in hiring the best-dedicated development team.

Decide the software that you want and what its capability.

Set a brainstorming session with your dedicated development team. Identify the type of features you would like to include in your existing process. Know what’s your priority for developing your software product and what is your most preferred tech stack. Draft everything into writing so you are not missing out any essential details. Also, you can clearly discuss the project elements before discussing your task to your preferred dedicated development team. Create notes or list of requirements that you will hand over to your hired dedicated developers.

Evaluate all your available options.

With outsourcing’s increasing popularity in today’s digital age, it is easier to research all potential dedicated development companies that can provide the same types of software capacity for your upcoming projects. Begin your research online through the simple Google search, read through every profile of the dedicated development team’s websites. Examine their portfolios and competence. Determine whether they have developed the same software products for firms that have the same size and niche as your projects.

Within your network, check who has employed your target outsourcing companies with strong qualifications as dedicated development teams and ask their recommendations based on their rendered outsourcing services.

Evaluate the size of a potential partner company where you will be hiring dedicated development team. Generally, the bigger dedicated development companies have more flexibility and the capacity to meet more urgent deadlines. When speed is a critical factor, then you want to collaborate with a larger dedicated development company that has the capacity to provide a focused dedicated team on your current projects. Your immediate objective is to limit the list to several potential firms that you want to work with right away with your software tasks.

Begin the ‘interview’ instantly.

Aside from referrals and the provided initial contacts, you may want to get to know who you are working with as a partner. A face-to-face interview process is a good way to start the ball rolling. Another option is to initially have a video-conferencing to have a solid “feel” of your target dedicated development team. Before hiring dedicated developers, it is best to know their culture and capacity to meet your needs and requirements.

In the interview process, you may want to be sure of the following:

  • Based on your needs and objectives, evaluate every detail carefully regarding the software products that you want to develop. In the process, it is highly advised to be a listener too regarding the comments of your potential vendor. An expert will always provide comments, suggestions, and recommendations that you may have overlooked in the process. This is a good chance to know if you are talking to a dedicated development team that has the expertise and commitment to providing a quality product. This is the best time to discuss the most recent technology to meet your project demands.
  • Ask your development vendor, “What can your dedicated development team provide?” You want to hear the right answer. They should be a group of experts who will be focused to work on their assigned project, according to the development project’s parameters. It is usually being managed by a project leader who acts as a point person all throughout the process.
  • When will the dedicated development be available to begin the project? If a hired dedicated development company has the needed resources, it can work right away.
  • Identify the functions of the key members of the team. You do not simply want to be updated. You want to take part in the decision-making, along with providing suggestions and recommendations.
  • Are they expert in employing an Agile development model? This is the most preferred technology in software projects. Once every iteration is completed, it is being tested, debugged, including the entire development process that shifts instantly and more efficiently.
  • Ask for past clients as references. A professional dedicated development company can provide the details to you right away. If necessary, ask for references from firms that are the same in size and had software projects that may be similar to your existing tasks. Do your homework. Avoid laziness in checking and validating information at the last minute.
  • Contact past clients and ask all relevant questions before deciding to hire your desired dedicated developer.
  • Identify how flexible can be your vendor in terms of time availability and the possibility of having language barriers. When dealing with a foreign outsourced dedicated development company, these are vital details. You want to communicate with a project manager whom you can easily talk things out in the same language. Also, the time zone can a barrier to easy communication. So better sort things out early.
  • Regarding costs, you want a transparent project quote that you can put into writing, including a binding contract that exactly details what should be delivered and the project timeline.
  • Conduct follow-ups. Ask what kind of follow-up support will the vendor provide? If there are issues raised, how committed is the outsourced dedicated development team in resolving them? These details should be cited clearly in the contract. Never deal with a vendor that cannot respond to full follow-up support, including the scaling of the software that you may need in the future.

Finalize your selection

Once you have made a thorough evaluation of the entire process and strictly followed the three steps cited earlier, you are ready to create a wise decision. Then, this will be the right time to provide a go signal to your selected dedicated development team to start working, enabling you to keep involved, and developing the best software product based on agreed specifications.

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