Mobile Application Development

In today’s advancing digital world, many people worldwide use their smartphones as part of their daily living. Their lives seem not complete without their mobile phones out of their sight. In a recent study conducted, it showed that most young people use digital technology as a way of life. They use their mobile phones anywhere they go.

Everyone worldwide takes advantage of the various technological trends, especially those involved in businesses and many organizations who seek to level up their level of service and engagement with their clients.

Increasing use of Android phones.

As many people conveniently enjoy the benefits of mobile phones, the development of mobile apps is steadily growing in recent years.

Among the mobile apps created, shopping (54%), music, media and entertainment apps (44%), and business and finance apps (33%) are the most popularly used, respectively. Not far behind are mobile apps related to utilities and productivity and news and magazine apps are recorded to increase at 22%. Aside from these widely used mobile apps, other apps are currently used in other fields.

Go with the flow

Based on the available numbers, mobile app development is a vital element to incorporate in your software development endeavor.

At present, most activities can be conducted online with most people fully getting involved in it. There is no reason not to be part of its increasing growth and development.

Technology overview

Mobile application development consists of several processes and methods necessary in writing software codes for mini, wireless computing equipment.

Like web app development, mobile app development uses the more conventional approach of software development. However, one essential difference is that mobile apps are usually written to take advantage of the distinct features a piece of specific mobile equipment provides. For example, the gaming app is designed to make use of the iPhone's accelerometer. Another could be the mobile health app may be written for the smartwatch's temperature sensor.

iOS app development

Currently, iOS is considered one of the commonly used operating systems, which have the largest app collection.

In the past, the market analysis showed that many Apple device owners (e.g. iPod, iPhone, and iPad) have a greater capacity and demand for acquiring mobile apps.

Android app development

Brought by the dramatic increase of patronage of Android app development to billion users.

Still counting, this enables the business owners to focus their efforts on outsourcing from mobile app firms worldwide that can provide apps development services with regard to staff leasing and dedicated development team agreements.

Advantages of custom software development

Shopping/e-commerce apps.

These provide your clients with a hassle-free shopping experience with an app for your enterprise. The exciting sense of personally putting on and buying clothes in your favorite retail outlets is the same as the convenience offered by shopping apps. Purchasing customers should not worry about the product specs as all these are available in the app.

Entertainment apps.

Be aware of today’s trend of what people are interested in. Listening to their favorite music, streaming online videos, viewing photographs, and related activities are some of the things people usually do daily.

Business and finance apps.

Optimize your customer’s time by creating an app that caters to their banking and business needs. The increased use of mobile baking is a good opportunity to save the client’s time and effort.

Utility and productivity apps.

Doing routine tasks daily could sometimes be boring. Using apps like calculators, calendars, note-taking apps, and other related apps can help people do their tasks easily and hassle-free. Also, users will be grateful to you for providing it.

News and magazine apps.

Viewing online news and magazines via smartphones is not new. In previous years, it has been in existence while being used by many people globally.

Logistics apps.

With the influx of small and medium businesses, these apps deliver efficient and hassle-free logistics services to end-users.

Educational apps.

These apps promote education and enable people to learn more new things using the apps. Generation Z or the younger generation regularly use their smartphones. This makes them be called Gen Tech. With this, you should take advantage of the situation as you become part of their learning process.

Lifestyle and leisure apps.

These involve apps that help in guiding users in their daily lives. Relevant apps include cooking, dating, fitness, food, travel, dating, etc. These types of apps are beneficial for users.

High demand for mobile app development

Mobile app development is no longer specific for one industry. It has become in-demand for different customer-oriented enterprises. Many people select their desired mobile apps that have PC-like functions wherever they stay. In mobile app development, there is always the convenience of swiping the phone while interacting with other people. This comes in the form of a mobile game, booking a restaurant or purchasing in an online store. The possibilities are endless when developing several applications for any interactive activity.

Some offshore software companies like Flyoutsourcing offers custom mobile application development for startup firms and businesses. It can provide a dedicated team for developing native and hybrid mobile apps designed for education, entertainment, games, logistics, healthcare, e-commerce, and fintech. Flyoutsourcing has an in-depth background in mobile application development.

Mobile app development theory

Today, mobile app development is mostly applicable in the creation of the next devices such as Android tablets, iOS, and Android smartphones, iPads, Apple Watch, and Android and Apple TV.

For various equipment, mobile apps are designed for location-based apps, Android instant apps, and progressive web apps. The list goes on with more complex categories.

Types of mobile apps based on development platforms


These are designed with native platforms. Examples are Objective-C/Swift (iOS) or Kotlin/Java (Android). They are characterized with very high speed and full support for threading and optimizing functionality.


They consist of several tools that enable you to build mobile apps by leveraging current codebases or writing programming languages aside from the native codes (e.g. Ionic Framework and Xamarin).


The non-native languages can be coded using native components. Also, you can employ native code and export its performance through the bridge layer such as React Native and Flutter.

Progressive web apps.

Their assets (e.g. CSS, HTML, Javascript, and Images) are stored in the browser via web workers. They have universal styling and performance with expertise in CSS/JS.

Prerequisites for mobile app development


For any services like booking services and three-sided online marketplaces, including CRMs and video streaming apps, a good offshore company can build any mobile app like Flyoutsourcing


In the case of Ruby on Rails, for instance, mobile backend development provides security features that are available into the infrastructure and work by default. With Ruby on Rails, you instantly adhere to the secure development lifecycle. It is where no potential data leakage can be found.


The user interface is an essential element in each mobile app development. This involves several designs such as mobile app, visual, graphic, and branding. The required technical background is necessary for an excellent design of the mobile app.


The recent innovations in software development ensure that the mobile app is upgraded. By integrating innovation in what you do, you can grow your business and save resources.


All mobile app development processes are checked to ensure the codes are bug-free while providing the users with excellent value. For instance, Flyoutsourcing has a dedicated team of engineers that always evaluate each product being developed.


Flyoutsourcing has UX designers who fully understand the needs of the users and ensure meeting all their needs in a timely manner

Advanced features of mobile app development

With Flyoutsourcing’s diverse experience in mobile app development, this enables the clients to be provided with sophisticated technologies and apply innovative options as needed. The modern technologies have features that can be executed such as geolocation, motion sensors, voice search, fingerprinting, in-app billing (smart payments), Camera API, multiscreen, notifications, various widgets, and AI solutions. Other available options provide a much-improved user experience for your clients. The sky is the limit.

Models used for engagement

For most offshore companies like Flyoutsourcing that provide mobile app development services, it employs two engagement models.

Team extension.

Flyoutsourcing can offer its clients a dedicated development team of skilled personnel or a sole developer with right skillset and expertise in mobile app development. Specialists employed under an offshoring contract work in a flexible schedule and their home country. By conducting their tasks under offshoring firms, staff adheres to the client’s job schedule and staff descriptions.

Product development.

In this model, software companies like Flyoutsourcing take full responsibility for creating your mobile application development. All engineers, managers, and designers pass through all of the custom software development lifecycle, providing you with adequate specifications, timely execution, and 24/7 support and technical maintenance.

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