Offshore Outsourcing

Most large firms are willing to hire offshore IT outsourcing service in European countries like Belarus. This practice is not new in the industry. For several business owners, offshore outsourcing of the dedicated developers in Belarus can be very helpful in executing business plans without spending high operational expenses.

Increasing staff count in a conventional approach can be burdensome. One must face the need to pay increased taxes, rent bigger office spaces, and consider all the workspace company costs. Thus, most enterprises are always seeking optional ways to reduce labor expenses. One of the most preferred countries to employ skilled IT specialists at very affordable service pricing is Belarus.

The popularity of Belarus as an IT destination

Let us identify why Belarus has a high demand in IT outsourcing service and compare it with Ukraine, a nearby country that also provides offshore outsourcing experts for successful international IT projects.

Aside from Belarus having close relations with its nearby Eastern nations, the country’s local IT specialists have access to deliver its services to global markets in Canada, the United States, Australia, European Union nations, and Great Britain. One common issue is that international clients simply provide higher man-hours, which is greater than what their counterparts offer.

Offshoring software development to Eastern Europe

Below are some reasons Belarus is highly regarded as an advanced destination when hiring an offshore software development team of IT experts in the country.

Full government backing.

The Belarusian government supports and strives for the advanced development of the IT industry in the country. Firms that are registered in the country receive tax privileges, making things very accessible for specific organizations to manage legal fees. Also, many local universities focus on nurturing an increasing number of IT students and preparing them as qualified future skilled IT workers. Thus, in recent years, concerning the dedicated development team in Belarus, the IT outsourcing industry in the country has brought over 3000 new IT professionals who can be recruited as junior staff or middle executives after finishing school.

International standards.

Belarus is part of Eastern Europe with strong overall ranking in the top global list of 30 best nations for IT outsourcing for about a decade. Also, even before the USSR days, Minsk, Belarus’ capital, used to be highlighted as a ‘technological hub,’ where hundreds of skilled IT experts can be found. Ever since times have changed. However, the Belarusians’ passion for digital systems has maintained its core values. The technical majors that have high global demand are being offered by the country’s universities.

At the same time, there are other IT training being held simultaneously in Belarusian administrative tech centers. As a principle, real developers teach new specialists the technical know-how based on the current needs in the market.

Affordable pricing.

As earlier cited, Belarusian staff and other Eastern European nation provide possible employers with competitive rates that attract many clients when building constant professional collaboration. Thus, on average, the existing rate of a local IT expert is between $25 and $50 on an hourly basis. This has cheaper rates compared to similar IT workers from Western Europe, the United States Canada, and Australia.

Some business owners will seek farther to get extra savings as much as possible. Usually, they employ developers from India or Mexico, who based on common practice get workers from these regions that have a high tendency to fail meeting deadlines and cannot manage to deliver all project requirements. So business owners should evaluate carefully the capability before hiring offshore outsourcing IT company.

Competence in administering self-management.

When hiring remote experts like IT outsourcing companies in Belarus, any business owner exposes their software projects to certain risks. The full supervision over distant workflow is quite difficult. This problem lingers on every time, especially if no dedicated manager is available to closely monitor and coordinate the work of offshore outsourcing team members.

However, it is fortunate that Belarus has shown efficiency and advancement regarding this area. Seldom you will encounter companies where staff only do their jobs only when there is an opportunity to work. Regarding software development methodologies, Belarus has a comprehensive background on Western processes (e.g. Scrum, Kanban, etc.), along with employee hierarchy that exemplifies steady workflow. In general, the long-distance and remoteness are never an issue as Belarusian IT firms are known to be reliable with the right skills for outsourcing software development projects.

Flexible time zone.

Belarusian IT outsourcing staff works in the GMT+3 time zone, which enables to collaborate with clients even when based in the United States without any issues.

Belarusian vs. Ukrainian IT industry workers: A comparison

Belarus and Ukraine are mortal competitors in accepting Western clients’ deals. To stay on top of the game, it is compared with the IT market based on the two nations using their critical criteria.

Expert availability.

At present, there are about 35,000 qualified IT specialists involved in the Belarus IT industry while the number is steadily increasing. In Ukraine, this is only a part of its total IT experts with around 166,000 in total.

The price range in professional services.

On average, as cited earlier, Belarusian IT workers are paid hourly between $25 and $50. The general rates are the same, although these are slightly different in Ukraine.

Expertise level.

Belarus has few IT companies compared to Ukraine. As a result, business owners can review carefully workflows and company standards in these cases. Also, the competitiveness factor enables dedicated developers to evaluate the new development methodologies and processes individually. In terms of scalability, correspondence, and performance with the issue of ‘here and now,’ Ukrainian solutions, in general, are far better.

Summing up all details cited earlier, it is suggested that Ukraine is a less risky option for seeking outsourcing IT opportunities while Belarus is another viable alternative. With other available options, you have more opportunities to update outdated technologies and systems for inclusion in your project implementation.

Aside from Ukraine, Belarus remains one of the most in-demand countries with skilled IT outsourcing team at very affordable pricing in the IT labor force. Belarusian IT specialists can oversee large-scale commercial projects funded by business owners from the United States and European Union nations.

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