Offshore Software Development Company

Selecting the right dedicated development team is a key element to success when outsourcing from an offshore software development company. Startup owners tend to look for a huge IT outsourcing company as a simple solution for their existing software projects.

However, offshore custom software development is not as easy as many people think. When hiring large firms, you might be heavily overpaying them and facilitating the project may run for a long time brought by too much bureaucracy. Depending on your current software projects, hiring smaller IT outsourcing teams can provide more flexibility and focused on providing their customers’ needs.

What matters most

One major consideration in choosing an offshore software development company is your vendor’s expertise, skills, and commitment to providing a software product that can solve your operational issues efficiently.

For a reliable offshore dedicated development team partner that can turn your ideas into reality, Flyoutsourcing is someone you can depend on. Contact us anytime and we can discuss with your project details. As part of our company’s ethos, we ensure flexibility, efficiency, and individual approach for every customer we meet. We are guided by these basic principles in all our undertakings.

The right team for your project needs

Many companies employ offshore development teams to work on their projects because they provide several advantages. One of these benefits is getting high-quality IT outsourcing services at affordable prices. Also, a hiring company has the freedom to easily add or reduce the team size as necessary.

Customer-focused projects

Flyoutsourcing can assist your company to speed up your software development processes. Also, you can count on us for consulting for your local dedicated development teams.

As part of our services, we provide IT offshore outsourcing services with dedicated development teams, including digital transformation, QA testers, and DevOps outsourcing departments always ready to assist you in your software project needs.

We have expertise in desktop software development, different web applications, and cloud solutions. Our skilled IT staff have an in-depth background in different technologies in backend development using .NET, .NET Core, ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET MVC, WCF, WPF, C#, REST, SQL, ORMS, SOAP, WinAPI, Azure Cloud, etc.

For frontend development, we are well-versed in employing React, Vue, Angular, NPM, Gulph, Grunt, HTML, CSS, LESS, Docker, etc.

A decade of rich experience

Flyoutsourcing consists of an agile team of results-driven, customer-focused, skilled, and well-equipped software and testing engineers with nearly a decade of experience. We collaborate as a team to address your company’s problems and provide several solutions as needed.

Why hire us as your IT outsourcing provider

We provide recommendations in completing your software tasks and proposes solutions to your ongoing issues. We are flexible in providing strategies to easily move forward.

Our dedicated development team is highly adaptable to new and unfamiliar tasks. We ensure to fully understand your projects before committing to do the work.

Flyoutsourcing offers reasonable pricing for your software project features and delivers quality in a timely manner. We have an extensive background in full lifecycle of the software development process. This involves data gathering, design, coding, testing, debugging and maintenance. We have a good track of record for designing and implementing flexible solutions, which support changes in user interface and functionality. Since our establishment, we have exemplified our expertise by delivering world-class solutions to many Fortune 500 companies.

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